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Precision Flow Rate Tubing

Precise infusion times

RMS Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ controls the infusion rate of the Freedom DynEQ™ syringe infusion systems. When combined with the viscosity of the medication and safe pressure of the Freedom DynEQ™ infusion systems, Precision tubing provides an accurate delivery to respond in real time to a patient’s needs.

RMS Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ Key Features:

Safety first

Designed for uniform flow profiles, with no free-flow, bolus or overdose.

Accurate infusion rates

Low residual volumes & precise dimensions help to achieve desired flow rate.

DynEQ™ (Dynamic Equilibrium)

If pressure in sites increase, the system immediately responds by automatically slowing down.

Quality Assured

Made in the USA with highest level of quality control for defect-free product. No product maintenance needed.

Low residual volumes

Consistent delivery of medication for a full therapeutic dose without expensive drug waste, ≤ 0.16mL.

Emergency slide clamp

Stop flow immediately, if needed. F-number printed on clamp to assure correct tubing is being used.

Luer disc

Helps prevent contamination. For patient safety, pump is designed not to work unless a set with this disc is present.

Deliver in minutes-days

Sets from F0.5 – F2400 offer precise infusion rates for a variety of administration times.

RMS tubing calculator

Convenient tool to help determine the appropriate tubing set for desired sub-q infusion duration.

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What makes the tubing so special?

RMS Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ is made in the USA at the RMS factory. Our manufacturing expertise, mastered through decades of experience, ensures accurate and dependable infusions with FREEDOM60® and FreedomEdge™, maximizing the benefits of Dynamic Equilibrium.

What flow rates are currently available?

We currently have 19 flow rates, suitable for delivering IgG and antibiotics, for a variety of time frames ranging from a few minutes to 5 days. Please call for more information.

What affects the flow rate of the FREEDOM60®?

The two main factors are the diameter of the tubing and the viscosity of the fluid. Immune Globulin, for example, will flow much slower than an antibiotic. Since temperature also affects the viscosity of fluid, when the temperature is cold, the flow slows down and when the temperature is warm, the flow rate increases. There are also some affects due to differences in syringes, but these generally tend to be relatively minor.

How do I stop the flow in the case of an emergency?

There is a slide clamp on the tubing set that will stop flow immediately. If the pump is turned off without using the slide clamp, some flow will continue until pressure from the black tab is removed by winding the knob clockwise to relieve all pressure in the syringe.

Why can’t I connect the needle set directly to the syringe?

You need a restrictive tubing with a disc luer. This makes sure your infusion is delivered at a controlled rate, and that the syringe stays properly seated in the pump.

What is the temperature range that I can infuse in?

For accuracy and safety, most medications must be delivered at room temperature.